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Ancient Hanoi was a busy port and township with peace. Hanoi has been developing for a long time, however, it still remains relics of an ancient city during French colonial period such as antique and peaceful blocks and streets with many green trees and large lakes.   
Located right in the heart of the capital, Muong Thanh Hanoi Centre Hotel is a perfect place for tourists to discover the ancient beauty of this thousands-year old city. From the Hotel, tourists can walk to enjoy the fresh air of Hoan Kiem Lake, peaceful Hanoi opera house and enjoy a busy life of the ancient street. The central position and favorable access of Muong Thanh Hanoi Centre Hotel will surely satisfy even the most difficult tourists.

Located on an ancient street - Tho Nhuom - the center of administration and tourism of Hanoi, Muong Thanh Hanoi Centre Hotel's establishment is inspired by an ideal of Hanoi enlightened by golden sunshine in the autumn and peaceful street corners. Owning boutique-style furniture, a cozy space and perfect services, Muong Thanh Hanoi Centre Hotel will become the second home of each tourist during their stay in Hanoi.

The culture of Muong Thanh Hanoi Centre Hotel is a harmonic combination of the traditional Northwestern culture reflected through foods, drinks and traditional costume of Thai ethnic group worn by the staff and the graceful traditional costume of Hanoi, the “Áo Dài”. This combination guarantees tourists surprising and amazing experience.

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No 78 Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84 243 942 7777
Fax: +84 243 941 6676
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